4GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-10666 1333MHz Ripjaw Series (9-9-9-24) Dual Channel kit for Intel LGA1156 Core

4GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-10666 1333MHz Ripjaw Series (9-9-9-24) Dual Channel kit for Intel LGA1156 Core
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  • Manufactured by: G.SKILL


4GB 1333MHz DDR3 Dual Channel kit from the G.Skill Ripjaw range. With Red Edition Ripjaw heatsinks for best possible heat dissipation. Suitable for Intel LGA1156 based motherboards, timings of CL9 (9-9-9-24) at 1.5V. PC3-10666 memory specification, backed by G.Skill's lifetime warranty.Each module is tested to reach 1333MHz memory speed and G.Skill guarantee that two modules used together will be able to run at the rated speeds and timings.Pre-tested for use in the following motherboards. May also be suitable for other motherboards, please refer to the G.Skill website for further information.ASRock P55 ExtremeASRock P55 DeluxeASRock P55 ProASUS Maximus III FormulaASUS Maximus III GeneASUS SABERTOOTH 55iASUS P7P55D-E PremiumASUS P7P55D-E DeluxeASUS P7P55D-E EVOASUS P7P55D-E ProASUS P7P55D-EASUS P7P55D PremiumASUS P7P55D DeluxeASUS P7P55D EVOASUS P7P55D ProASUS P7P55DBiostar TP55Biostar Tpower i55EVGA P55 Classified 200EVGA P55 FTW 200EVGA P55 FTWEVGA P55EVGA P55 MicroEVGA P55 LEMSI P55M-GD45MSI P55-GD65MSI P55-GD80Gigabyte GA-P55A UD3Gigabyte GA-P55A UD3PGigabyte GA-P55A UD3RGigabyte GA-P55A UD4Gigabyte GA-P55A UD4PGigabyte GA-P55A UD5Gigabyte GA-P55A UD6Gigabyte GA-P55 UD3Gigabyte GA-P55 UD3PGigabyte GA-P55 UD3RGigabyte GA-P55 UD4Gigabyte GA-P55 UD4PGigabyte GA-P55 UD5Gigabyte GA-P55 UD6Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H ASRock M3A790GXH/128MASRock M3A790GMH/128MASRock M3A785GXH/128MASRock M3A785GMH/128MASUS M4A79T DeluxeASUS M4A79X TD EVOASUS M4A78T-EASUS M4A785T-MASUS M4A785TD-V EVOASUS M4A785TD-M EVOASUS M4A77TD ProASUS M4A89TD ProASUS M4A89GTD ProASUS M4A88TD-MBiostar TA790XE3Biostar TA790GXB3Biostar TA790GX A3+Biostar TA785-A3Biostar TA785G3Biostar TA770E3DFI DK 790FXB-M3H5DFI DK 790GX-M3H5DFI BI 785G-M35Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5PGigabyte GA-MA790GPT-UD3HGigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4PGigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3HGigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2HGigabyte GA-MA785GPMT-UD2HGigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3PGigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3Gigabyte GA-MA770T-US3MSI 790FX-GD70MSI 790GX-GD65MSI 785G-E53MSI 785G-E65MSI 785GM-E51MSI 785GM-E65MSI 890FXA-GD70 ASRock P45X3 DeluxeASRock P45DE3ASUS Rampage ExtremeASUS P5E3 PremiumASUS P5E3 DeluxeASUS P5Q3 DeluxeASUS P5Q3ASUS P5QCASUS P5P43TDASUS P5P43TD ProASUS Blitz ExtremeASUS P5K3 DeluxeASUS P5KCDFI UT P45-T3RSDFI DK P45-T3RSB PLUSDFI BI P43-T34Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6Gigabyte GA-EX38T-DQ6Gigabyte GA-X38T-DQ6Gigabyte GA-EP45T-EXTREMEGigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3RGigabyte GA-EP43T-UD3LGigabyte GA-EP43T-S3LGigabyte GA-P35T-DQ6Gigabyte GA-P35T-DS4Gigabyte GA-P35T-DS3PGigabyte GA-P35C-DS3RGigabyte GA-P35C-DS3Gigabyte GA-P35C-S3MSI X48 PlatinumMSI X48C PlatinumMSI P45D3 PlatinumMSI P45D3 Neo3-FIMSI P45D3 Neo-FMSI P45C Neo-FIRMSI P45-C51MSI P45-8D Memory LoverMSI P35D3Platinum

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